Thank you again Jon--your story inspires in so many more ways than you will ever know.  I wanted to share my 5th hour students with you.  When they came up--one student said "That's the best presentation I've ever been at--we're lucky to have gotten to hear it".  They talked all hour--and I let them--asked questions, talked about winning over tough times--talked about setting priorities.  When  my 6th hour class came in after lunch--they were still talking.  I have taught here for 33 years and I will sincerely and honestly tell you that that has NEVER happened in the history of my teaching career.  Never have my students been so deeply moved.  Just wanted you to know. 
Yvonne Halvorson, Fertile-Beltrami High School Teacher

"You could have heard a pin drop -- the students were fascinated with the presentation."

Supt. Kristen Anderson

"I don’t know that I’ve ever seen our entire student body in grades 3-12 sit for a full hour without moving or talking to one another. You held their full attention."

Supt. Walt Aanenson

"Our 900 students were 100% attentive and closed the program with a spontaneous standing ovation. It was self evident that what we experienced that morning transcended the customary Memorial Day assemblies held through out the country."

Principal Chris Mosca

"You were the talk of the town the remainder of the weekend -- you made a difference in a number of lives including mine."

Ray DeZurik, American Legion State Commander

"Your message is so powerful. We were truly moved. The critique sheets say it all -- a 10+ on a scale of 1-5!"

President Janet Barlage, MN CVSO Assistants & Secretaries Assn.

"Jon D. Hovde weaves a story of a young man growing up in America, coming of age in Vietnam, and fulfilling his dreams back home in the most inspirational 60 minute presentation any audience of any age will ever witness."

Wendy Wustenberg, Director of Legislative Services for Gov. Jesse Ventura

"Hovde took everyone in the gymnasium on a journey. It began with despair and the struggle to stay alive but ended with the message of hope and inspiration Cipro Ciproxloxacina. Everyone in the Grand Rapids Middle School Gymnasium felt the vow Hovde made to make a difference and responded with an enthusiastic standing ovation."

Beth Biley, Grand Rapids, Herald-Review

"Your message was so powerful and appropriate. All 950 students attended to your every word even after the end-of-the-day had rung! That’s a tribute to you and your message."

Supt. Keith Lester

"You really made a difference. You inspired everyone, but most of all you hit home with me."

Frank Davies, VP & Aflac Insurance Southern Territory Director

"We could all tell your sincere and powerful message came from your heart not a professional speechwriter and that’s what makes it so effective and powerful."

Principal Kurt Kahlenbeck

"I heard nothing but positive comments about your presentation. We met our goal to motivate our volunteers! You are awesome! Keep your great attitude!"

Deb Kluck, Red River Valley Hospice

"He really developed a gift for speaking that came out of nowhere.  Boy, when he gets up and starts talking, it's like something comes over him.  And he seems to have a gift for connecting with whatever group it is."

    Clark Dyrud, Commisssioner of Veterans Affairs

"Thank you for your wonderful message!  In all my years I have never heard a more--from the Heart speaker.  It was just what our people needed at the time they needed to hear it.  You are a true motivation.  I truly have never seen someone connect so fast.  Your work is Gods work."

Leo Supak, Aflac State Sales Coordinator, New            Mexico/Texas El Paso






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