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A reflection of your personality

A reflection of your personality

Long time ago, fashion was not considered as something important. As long as you fit the standard, it was good enough. But times change and opinions change. Many people got a need for expressing themselves. Show who they are and stand out from the crowd. Luckily with time, the fashion developed as well. There are all kinds of brands with different signature looks, it can be a little overwhelming to choose. Some choose a sporty style, some choose a classic and timeless style. As fashion changes, it is good to own a few basics, that you can combine with all kinds of new items. It is always good to own a couple of pair of good sneakers, as nowadays sneakers are very popular. They are comfortable and you can combine them with both sporty outfits, but also classic ones.

Fashion can be pricey

Everyone likes to look good, but looking good can cost you. If you want to own a specific high-designer item, you might need to save for a while to be able to afford it. If you want a specific name on the tag, stick to that. But what if you still want to look great without having to break the bank? Is it even possible? The answer is: yes! Now you probably think: how is this possible? Because some brands use beautiful quality materials, same that are used in high-designer products. To make it even more interesting: these items are made in the same factories as high-designer items. Meaning they use the same materials and they don’t compromise on quality. An example of such brand is Aurélien. They cut out the middlemen who are needed for marketing and distribution. By keeping the whole process small and in their own hands, it means they need to pay less wages to third parties, which is good news for your wallet!

Affordable fashion

This is not only possible with clothes, same goes for shoes and accessories. As long as they don’t involve all kinds of third parties, the costs can be held much lower that with the well-known designer brands. Another way to purchase affordable fashion items, are second-hand shops. Throughout the years they became more and more popular, and the popularity is still rising. The items are unique, the prices are low and it’s good for the environment, what’s not to like? All it takes is browsing the shops to find something special. So whether you are into new items or worn ones, fashion really can be affordable for anyone.