Diet Menu A Week, Effective Lose Your Weight

For the sake of getting an ideal body, many of you women dare to follow menus and diet schedules that are clearly unhealthy. Not only a week and two weeks, but many also do it even for months! In fact, there is a healthy diet menu and you don’t need to do it for long, but only for a week. Not only is it good for health, but this week’s diet is also effective in losing weight.

The diet menus a week in question have healthy elements, such as being rich in fiber, filling, preventing the body from becoming fat, and reducing cholesterol levels. Want to know what the menu is?

Come on, see the diet menu a week that is effective and healthy as follows:


Whole wheat bread, this menu is suitable for breakfast or lunch. The reason is, whole wheat bread can fill your stomach for a long time. Not only that, wheat bread is made from whole grains which are also rich in nutrients and fiber. To add flavor, you can spread it with peanut butter which is no less healthy.

Although the taste is not everyone’s favorite, tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron, protein, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. You can eat it directly or process it into food seasonings.

Oatmeal, you can place this menu as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With its fiber, carbohydrates and minerals, you can make oatmeal as a substitute for rice that doesn’t make you hungry quickly.


The first diet menu a week on Tuesday that you can consume is brown rice, another rice substitute that can meet your carbohydrate needs without getting hungry quickly. Brown rice is rich in fiber, carbohydrates and protein which are good for your immune system and digestion.

Guava juice, to meet today’s fiber and vitamin needs, you need fruit intake. You can get it in guava fruit, which is also good for blood circulation.

Scrambled vegetables, to get maximum results, of course you have to be careful so that this vegetable menu remains low in fat. Therefore, use olive oil or low-fat butter for cooking.


Low-fat meat, today allow your stomach to taste the meat. If processed with low-fat ingredients, meat is actually good for health because it is rich in vegetable protein.

Bananas, to meet today’s fruit needs, consume bananas which are also rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs. In addition, bananas are also filling and don’t make you hungry quickly.

Beans and carrots, fill your fiber, vitamins and mineral needs by consuming these two vegetables as a diet menu for a week this Wednesday.


Potatoes, can be a substitute for rice. You can process this carbohydrate-rich snack by boiling it until it’s soft.

Avocado juice, meet your daily fruit intake needs with avocado juice. Not only juiced, you can eat fruit like minerals and vitamins directly by mashing it in a glass.

Salad, mix a bowl of salad full of the vegetables you want, don’t forget to season with olive oil.


Milk, you can apply it as a substitute for breakfast, you know. You can drink a glass of whole milk accompanied by bread or biscuits.

Cassava, is one that can be categorized as a substitute for rice. The menu is rich in carbohydrates and can fill your stomach in small amounts.

Melon juice, to meet your daily fruit, vitamin and mineral needs, consume melon juice, or melon directly.


Yogurt, you can consume it at breakfast or at night before bed. This menu is rich in protein.

Corn, consume this food as a substitute for rice, by boiling or steaming it. You can also make sweet corn by adding milk and cheese on top.

Orange juice, to meet your daily mineral and vitamin needs.


Diet menu a week on this Sunday you can eat fruit pancakes, on this holiday you can pamper yourself by eating fruit pancakes. Apart from being filling, fruit pancakes are also able to meet your various vitamin, mineral and fiber needs.

Sweet potatoes, try this menu as a substitute for white rice at lunch or dinner. The reason is, sweet potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates and can fill your stomach.

Well, that’s the diet for a week that is healthy and at the same time meets all your body’s needs for carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. You can also customize this week’s diet menu according to your preferences. Don’t hesitate to eat the same menu 2-3 days a week, If you want maximum results, take the weight loss supplement ProVen. Interested? please visit the official website here proven pills Hope it is useful!