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Effective Tips to Lose Weight with Water


It turns out that consuming water is not only to maintain body fluids to stay well, but also burn fat in the body. This water can increase metabolism in the body, even though you don’t do physical activity, even water will also work while your body is resting.

Smooth metabolism will lead to slow weight loss. However, to maximize your metabolism with regular consumption of water, it is necessary to manage time, meaning with a precise and measurable time period.

For those of you who want to lose weight without having to exercise, maybe a diet with water can be the right choice. Check out the following tips, in order to get maximum results!

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1. Drink 1-2 glasses after waking up

When the body is resting, there will be a process of regenerating body cells and ending at eliminating toxins in the body. The process of releasing toxins requires a lot of energy, so the body really needs enough fluids to avoid dehydration.

Drink one to two glasses every day after waking up with the aim of refilling fluids as well as getting rid of the remaining toxins in the body that will be excreted through urine. This process will be much faster when you consume warm water.

2. Drink 1 Glass Before Bathing

Who says drinking a glass of warm water before bathing has no effect. Indeed you don’t feel it, but warm white water will balance the sodium, fluid and electrolyte levels in the body and can dilate blood vessels. This of course will affect blood pressure.

3. Drink 1 Glass Before Meals

In addition to helping prepare the digestive organs, consuming one glass of water 30 minutes before meals helps to improve digestion. In addition, consumption of water just before eating also helps curb your appetite so you don’t overeat.

You should pay attention, if you consume water when consuming food it can have a bad effect, digestive juices will be less effective. So, give a pause of approximately 30 minutes so that the nutrients can absorb the body properly.

4. Drink 2 glasses when the concentration decreases

The function of organs in the body such as the brain and nerves depends on the amount of fluid present in the body by 70{90a2ee17f123acd0f6d07134eb778399cfce98c3be6adaebf7535db36ff4b779}. Lack of drinking water can have fatal consequences to the nervous coordination system and can cause fatigue. Even worse, it can cause brain fog, so that focus starts to decrease, memory weakens, headaches to sleep problems, depression, and many more.

Maintain nerve coordination and brain performance by consuming one to two glasses when you start to feel tired, so that it can help generate better brain performance.

5. Enough Water Before and After Sports

One of the functions of water is to provide energy to the body before exercise. You can consume one to two glasses in the duration of 30 minutes before doing physical activity such as sports. In addition, consume two to three sips every 15 minutes while doing sports. The amount of water or this duration can be reduced depending on the intensity of the exercise undertaken

While stretching your muscles, you can consume water to restore the energy that has been drained after exercising. In addition, the lactic acid in the body will also be wasted and prevent muscle cramps. But keep in mind, keep the volume of water consumed, don’t overdo it.

6. Drink lots of water when your immune system decreases

When you are sick, your immune system will work harder to fight the disease. On the other hand, this process reduces the amount of nutrients in the body due to faster metabolism and decreased appetite.

Consuming enough water can provide an increase in fluid intake in the body which will help the metabolic work process and increase endurance, so that it can improve performance when driving away bacteria or viruses that cause disease. If you want perfect results take the weight loss supplement ProVen, visit the official website here proven reviews

Consume Water Regularly and Discipline

There are many benefits of drinking water. Apart from nourishing the body, water is also able to lose weight. Because the process of losing weight requires no time