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Home Appliances Newlyweds Must Have

In the household, of course, has a need for equipment that is classified as mandatory to have. Especially for those of you who are preparing for a new household or in the sense of just starting a household.

During the emergency period of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are new normal regulations, PSBB, and WFH. All these new regulations were handed down directly by the government to prevent the spread of the virus, which is getting crazier. Whether working or staying at home for a long time is certainly boring, you need various household appliances to support all your activities at home.

Various preparations for furniture and other necessities related to the household must have been prepared long ago. Well, for those of you who are confused or maybe you have forgotten the important furniture that you must have when you are married. The following list will try to help your memory to make it easier to prepare everything. Listen!

Must-have Household Appliances

Households consist of primary, secondary, and tertiary needs. Types of primary needs are needs that must be prioritized, namely food, clothing and housing. Well, for those of you who already have a place to live or a house, whether it’s rented or private, it’s time to think about secondary needs, namely household appliances. Household appliances are divided into three categories, namely kitchen utensils, sleeping utensils, utensils, and additional equipment. The following describes the four categories of equipment.

Kitchen equipment

Kitchen utensils are the main ones discussed in this category because the kitchen is related to the primary human need, namely food. Some of the household appliances that are in the category of kitchen utensils that must be owned include the following.

1. The stove, is the main source for those of you who want to start a domestic life. The stove is needed when you want to provide dishes for your small family, therefore the stove is included in household appliances that you must put on the first list of your needs.

2. Rice cooker, or you can also use magic com and the like which functions to cook rice. In addition to saving your LPG gas, an electric rice cooker can also save you time because it is more practical to use.

3. A pot used for cooking or frying. Choose stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. Tableware, such as plates, glasses, spoons, and so on that are commonly used to eat food. For those of you who are just starting to get married, these tableware can be provided for a little while. The amount can be increased when it is needed at a later date.