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How to look expensive: a guide for gentlemen

There’s something so appealing about men who always seem to be in excellent shape, who radiate confidence and respect. If you’re looking to become such a man, let’s talk about how to look like a millionaire without breaking the bank. This guide will be especially useful for those who want to look and feel more sophisticated, polished, and stylish but are unsure where to begin.

Have a good posture

The first thing from this thread doesn’t require making any spendings: a good posture is the key to being seen as a successful and confident man. Make sure you have a proper posture in all times, especially while sitting, working, and generally in the situations where you’re not usually paying attention to how you look. If you can afford it, go to a gym or a swimming pool to strengthen your shoulders and back muscles and make you more confident.

Invest into classic clothing

It’s preferable to avoid the flashy trends and stick to the classics if you want to feel and appear rich and polished. Wear tweed costumes, trousers, wool sweaters and overcoats, and cotton shirts, which have stood the test of time and are made of high-quality textiles. When it comes to men sweaters, Fisherman sweaters stand out because of their authentic appeal, Aran stitching and quality wool that will suit anyone’s style. Make sure your garments are always clean, spotless, and ironed. Sweatpants and oversized t-shirts have a place in your wardrobe, but reserve them for the gym or at home, not for going out in public.

Take care of your nails and beard

A lack of basic hygiene can spoil any outfit, regardless of how well it fits or how much it costs. Some visible imperfections, such as acne scars or naturally yellow teeth, are difficult to change, but others, such as facial hair and nails, can be definitely transformed. If your beard is unkempt or neglected, and your nails are long and dirty, there’s no way you’ll look put-together. Make sure to look after yourself and even maintain a sanitary pouch in your bag if necessary.

Wear accessories

You’d be shocked how far some well-made, high-quality accessories can take you. Every gentleman should have a watch, a leather bag, and a belt in his wardrobe, so be sure to acquire yourself some nice ones, as they will be with you for a long time. Also, if you’re wearing jewelry, remember to keep it clean and polished, since this seemingly minor touch may make a significant difference in the way you’re perceived.

Keep your shoes clean

This one should go without saying, since it is common knowledge that dirty shoes can completely ruin one’s appearance and status. Even if you don’t have a personal car and must take the subway to work every day, keep your shoes clean. Clean shoes reflect well on you and your sense of style, as well as extending the life of your shoes and keeping them spotless.

Treat people with respect

Most men who haven’t had any good masculine figures to teach them how to look good and be respectable have relied on the media for information and examples, which, unfortunately, frequently portrays wealthy or expensive-looking men as arrogant, greedy, self-centered individuals who don’t value their friends, family, or anyone else. However, treating your partners or those around you with respect is the key to maintaining long-term friendships and business relationships. Class is internal, no matter how much your clothing cost or how fancy your car or home is.