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How To Sell A House – A Step-By-Step Guide

This short guide will take you through each step you will have to take during the process of selling your house. To know more about each point, follow the link found within each point.  Before going into the article I would recommend you check out Fourlabs.

1. Know Your Finances

It is wise to get a rough estimate of how much your house is worth before selling. This will help you calculate the amount you will be left with after paying the mortgage. Consider using our instant free valuation tool.

Remember, it is wise to speak to your lender to know if you can pay early repayment charges to switch your mortgage to another lender. Also, find out if it would be possible to take it with you to your new home. this process is called porting.

Remember, in the early stages, the amount would be an estimation only. This means that you do not know the amount your home will go for.

2. Consider Renting For A While Rather Than Buying Immediately

After selling your home, it would be wise to rent for a while before buying another home. Although selling a property and renting may increase the overall expense, it will help reduce the time pressure that comes with buying a new home. Moreover, it will give you the power of not compromising your sale price and selling your house for less. In a nutshell, you will never be under pressure to complete your purchase.

This is helpful as it helps prevent rushing into buying a less perfect home for you. That is because you do not have a place to go after getting a buyer. Selling your property and then renting will break out the housing chain, meaning you will get a more attractive house for yourself.

3. Choose An Estate Agent To Sell Your Property

The truth is that you can sell your home yourself, hire a local estate agent, or an online estate agent. If you choose to seek the services of a local estate agent, you must do some research.

Never select an agent without comparing local estate agents. Use different points to select a good local estate agent. This can be based on how successful they are, how close they came to the asking price, how quickly they sell, and more. To find the best estate agent, consider taking advantage of our free local estate agent comparison tool.