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Important Things To Consider When Doing SEO For Luxury Brands

When doing SEO for luxury brands, you need to rethink your strategy slightly. A fast fashion brand and a high end luxury brand are worlds apart and so must be the strategy that you apply. From your keyword targets to local SEO, these are the things you need to be doing to give your luxury SEO the best chance of being a success.

Avoid Generic Keywords

The first thing, and arguably most important, you need to know when it comes to SEO for luxury brands is to focus on qualified keywords. With a luxury brand, you can’t be focusing on generic terms like “womens blazer”, as when people land on the website, they are very unlikely to be wanting to spend a significant amount of money on it. Whilst ranking for these keywords might bring traffic to the website, the conversion rate is likely to be very low and the bounce rate will probably be very high. This won’t make the SEO strategy very successful at all! So…

Focus On Qualified Keywords

To avoid this, what you need to do is focus on far more specific keywords that will make sure that the people coming to the website have already searched for a keyword that is related to a higher price point. This might be “luxury” or “designer”, as people who are searching for these terms will naturally be expecting more expensive products. These terms might get less searches, but your campaigns will be so much more successful, as although traffic might be less, the conversion rate will be much higher.

You don’t need to only focus on keywords like “luxury” and “designer”, as there are plenty of other things that indicate a higher price point. For example, someone searching for an “art deco engagement ring” should expect the product to cost more, as they are choosing a specific jewellery era that is renowned for its popularity. Also, when a user searches for something very specific, it is much more likely that they would have some knowledge of the price point surrounding the era.

Spending time on this at the beginning of your campaign to get your keyword targets will seriously help in the future!

Incorporate Local SEO Into Your Strategy

If you have a shop front as well as a website to sell your products, then spending some time working on your local SEO is really important for a luxury brand. As a result of the high price point, if someone can come to evaluate the product before committing to a purchase, they are very likely to do so. As a result, many people looking for luxury products may be more likely to search for local terms, such as “vintage jewellery Hatton Garden”.

In order to do this, make sure you have an active Google My Business page, you encourage customers to leave reviews, you create localised pages on your website and you register with a wide range of business directories online.