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Sir Patrick Stewart Makes Surprise Woodstock Bookshop Visit

The pageant includes fasting, worshipping, and looking for blessings from the 9 completely different avatars of Maa Durga. Temples were adorned with streamers and marigold flowers, and restaurants and candy outlets noticed excessive demand for Navratri thalis. As a part of the pageant rituals, households planted grains of barley and observed fasting, consuming fruits, curd, milk, and dishes made of water chestnut flour and swang rice. Anti-Romeo squads have been activated to ensure the security and safety of women through the festive season.

Israel Arms Civilian Security Squads, Fearing Internal Strife

The State Department suggested people to train increased caution worldwide over the potential for terrorist assaults and violence against Americans. “With issues happening overseas, I am involved. The security of everyone, that is what concerns me essentially the most, the security of people, the safety of people going forwards and backwards,” Cheryl Reeves of Cleveland, Ohio, mentioned. “Watch your …