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The Differences Between Tennis & Badminton

Badminton and tennis are two games that share similar characteristics. Hence, badminton is more often compared to tennis. Both games are played on a two-sided court divided by a net in the middle of the court, and the players use a racket in both sports. But there are many differences between these two games. Learning about these differences will make it easier for you to choose the best option for you.

Even though both badminton and tennis require the players to use rackets, badminton uses a plastic object known as a shuttlecock or birdie while tennis uses a yellow-green ball. You can choose to play one-on-one or “individual competition” or two-on-two or “doubles” in both these games.

Even though badminton can include six players per team, tennis is limited to a maximum of two players per team. For example, if you have a large family gathering and want to choose a suitable game for the event, badminton might be the better option for you.

Scoring And Rules

The player should bounce the tennis ball once per hit during a volley in tennis. But in badminton, you cannot hit the shuttlecock on the ground. Badminton has a scoring system of single points up to 11, 15, or 21 while tennis has a unique scoring system where the player scores either “Love,” 15, 30, 40, “Deuce,” or “Advantage.”


Both sports are vigorous games while a tennis court is usually larger than a badminton court. Hence, tennis tends to result in more exertion compared to badminton. The net’s height is another difference between the two games. The badminton net is only 5-feet high while the tennis net is closer to the ground. Learning about the many differences between tennis & badminton will help you opt for the most suitable sport on a given day or a new hobby. See here for ‘Corrie Padel‘.

The Speed Of The Ball Or Object

The fastest shot played in badminton was 426 km/h as per the Guinness World Record. On the other hand, the fastest shot in tennis is 263 km/h. Hence, the speed generated by badminton is much faster than in tennis.

The Weight Of Rackets In Badminton & Tennis

The racket is the most important gear for a player to play both these games. The tennis racket is quite different from the badminton racket. In fact, their weights also differ. A tennis racket can vary between 255g to 365g. For instance, Roger Federer’s racket weighs 365g while Murray’s racket weighs only 345g.

On the other hand, the badminton racket weighs only 80 or 100g. A badminton racket has a “U” to symbolize the weight of the racket.

Earning Differences

The earnings between a tennis player and a badminton player vary a lot. For example, even the least rich tennis player in the world earns much more than the richest player of badminton in the world. The richest badminton player in the world earns 8.5 times less than the richest tennis player in the world.

Penetration Rate

The penetration rate is calculated by dividing the number of participants by the total population of the world. It doesn’t involve the number of countries in the world where the games are played.

Penetration Rate = The Number Of Participants / The Total Population Of The World

For example, tennis is mainly enjoyed in Europe, the U.S., and Australia. The total population of these countries is:

  • Europe: 780 million
  • USA: 327 million
  • Australia: 25 million