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The Times You Should Call A Plumber

If you are handy, you can repair most of the plumbing issues in your home yourself. If your water pressure is low, clean the showerhead. You can also check the water meter valve among other repairs. If there is a leak under the kitchen or bathroom sink, you can tighten it with the existing trap or buy a new and affordable one. There are so many plumbing repairs within your reach. However, when is the right time to call a plumber? Here are some tips to help out when you need to hire a plumber. If you are looking for somewhere to get quality products see ‘plumbing supply online’.

1. A Leak In The Rapid Water Supply Line

Yes, this is the perfect time to hire a plumber. If there is a burst in the water line that causes major flooding in the house, call a plumber immediately. It is not a common issue but it happens occasionally. When it happens in your house, you should be prepared to act immediately. Start by looking for an intermediary water supply cut-off valves often close to the leak. If you are lucky enough, you might identify a knob-style cut-off or knife (ball valve) that shuts off the water going to the leak and not the entire house.

2. You Have No Water In The House

If the water stops flowing in your house and is localized in the bathroom sink or shower, you need to call a plumber. Note that, it’s quite rare that water will stop flowing to the entire house. Check all the water outlets in your house to confirm that they are not receiving water. Check the hot and cold-water supply outlets. If there is a problem with the water heater and there is no hot water, the cold side might still be operational.

If there is still no water running, there is a problem. It might be because there is a burst in the buried water pipe leading from the meter to your house or severed thereby diverting water from your house. On the other hand, the leak might be happening around your water meter.

3. You Have A Rapid Drainage Line Leak

Is there a leak from your kitchen or bathroom sink from the trap below the counter? Well, this is quite a common issue that you can fix with very simple tools. Start by turning off the water then get underneath the sink and replace the trap immediately. On the other hand, the leak might be coming from the garbage disposal so you need to fix or replace it accordingly. Note that, drainage lines always extend far beyond the sink cabinets and are not always accessible. If there is an active leak in the drainage and it is sealed up under the floor or behind a wall, you need to look at it immediately. You can fix the problem immediately after calling a plumber. You should be able to prevent further damage to your drywall, subfloor, paint, and floor covering.

4. Gaseous Odors Or Sewer Line Leak

Are there pools of murky and smelly water? Is the soil in your yard mushy? Well, it’s a sign of a blocked or broken sewer line. The same can also be said about toilets filing when you open the sink or the bathtubs filing up with wastewater. You can start by digging up the sewer line and identifying the broken or clogged sewer pipe before fixing and replacing it. However, you can always hire a plumber for the best results.