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What to wear on 1st day after the wedding?

Weddings are a fun day all around the world. The preparations the dancing, the food, the dresses everything is happening and should be top-notch. When the wedding is over and the bride moves to her husband’s house, here is the trickiest part. What should I wear when the function is all over? Should I wear formal or casual dress design? Will they accept me with what I wear? Will I be able to impress in-laws on my first day after the wedding? Worry not! We have found answers to all your problems. 

Make a list

Everything is being prepared the wedding date has been decided. You have picked your beautiful bridal dress. But what about the after wedding dresses? How will I get ready formal or casual? Make a list of how you want to be after your wedding day. Note down every detail. How will it be done from the start to the end? What colors you need. What style suits you the best and makes you look lean. Pack a bag with all the necessary items you will need after your wedding.

Be trendy

While deciding you are after wedding dresses, don’t go for the same old typical trend. Make your style and stand out in it. That way you will look more confident carrying your style and everyone will go wow over it. Choose unique styles and different cloth material. Choose colors other than red. It’s a big no-no. re is a wedding day color. Now its time to show how decent and stylish you are. Choose colors like pink or even black will make you look trendy. Royal blue and grey would be the best combo. Have a light eye make it with a little bit of mascara. This will be your whole dressing look after the wedding on 1st day.


When you are done making the list of what to wear, you will now have to decide the alternatives with your dress. What jewelry you should wear and what shoes you will be wearing. All these are an important part of your look. Try not to go for heavy jewelry it will make you look too loud. You have already stood out on your wedding day, now be a little elegant. Wear small earrings and few bangles will go with it. Don’t make any heavy hairstyle, let it be open. Wear high heels and walk confidently.

Top dresses ideas

It’s easy to decide styles on occasions. But deciding on a simple day yet knowing that you will be the guest, might get tricky. Here are some of our best dress designs to help you out after your wedding.

  • Wearing a sari would be unique and trendy. wear a back color sari with a little bit of embroidery on the top would make you stand out
  • Simple shalwar kameez also goes best with heavy dupatta. Wear khussa with it
  • Wear a gown of white color with a little bit of shimmery embroidery on sleeves and neck