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2 Best Attires of The Philippines You Should Know About

Tagalog is the traditional name for all the special clothing worn on Filipino occasions. These outfits are truly different from the rest of Asia. Every country has costumes representing the true self of the country. It’s best to meet with the Modern Filipiniana clothing brands. They have evolved and more people are accepting the change. Further, when it comes to fashion, people love to choose clothes to be worn daily.

For all the South-eastern countries, Silk is of great importance. They wear silk with all-over jewels to adorn them beautifully. Asia has an abundance of natural stones, and making jewelry from them is an easier version. When you talk of the Phillippines, the clothing is much more different. There are various tribes and each has created its own version of clothing.

In some cities, you can see girls wearing skirts made using pina fabrics. In Filipinos, mostly people wear wraparound clothes. Further, The wraparound clothes can be worn in different styles.

What is the traditional clothing of the Phillippines?

The traditional clothing structure is truly a different experience from the rest of Asia. Because of the tropical climate, the Filipinos wear clothes made of thin fabrics. These are comfortable to wear and provide enough comfort. All the clothes are made using local fabrics. These are like sleeveless blouses, skirts, butterfly sleeves, etc. The people mostly wear rough cotton. The females here wear Baro. It is a Filipino blouse along with an alampay shawl.

  1. Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog is used for men’s clothing. The fabric shows excellent craftsmanship. The beauty lies in the use of natural resources for making the fabrics. Additionally, It uses excessive textiles in the making.


The costumes use various types of clothes like polyester, silk, ramie, etc. The look is complete with black trousers and dress shoes.


  1. Baro Saya

The baro is preferred by the Women of the Phillippines. It is worn with the Camisa made with translucent fabric. It has cut-like sleeves called Angel wings. To complete the look, women wear wrap-around skirts called Tapis. The tapis is purely made of cotton. These are best for the summers.


The Tapis is the inner of the Saya. It is worn over the Saya since the Saya is a bit thinner than usual Tapis. This type is also called the Marie Clara dress.

If you are looking for Filipino jewelry to match the style, you will find it everywhere in the Phillippines. All the jewelry is handcrafted using the most precious stones.


These are the traditional attires of the Filipinos. People wear it mostly for special occasions. You can see the culture from the style of their clothing. All the Filipino women are quite well dressed and you should follow their liking too. They are very particular about their clothing styles. Appearances matter a lot here and you should carry yourself comfortably. Also, you should be well-groomed and wear glitzy sandals. Even when you are a tourist, you should respect their culture and traditions.