SEO Actionable Tips For 2022

1. Build Your Own Data Hubs With SEO

Building your own first-party data hubs can help your business survive the death of third-party cookies. As privacy becomes one of the most important topics of the moment, it’s easy to understand why Google and other digital giants consider retiring third-party cookies sooner rather than later. By then, you’ll need to rely on your own data to develop marketing strategies to drive sales.

You should use SEO to build your data hub with search traffic. Smart SEO allows your business to attract targeted users to your website. Next, you can capture these valuable leads and turn them into paying customers. Once you have them in your database, it will be easy to hit them with offers and special rewards, in order to grow your revenue.

The sooner you start building this data hub, the better. It’s never too late to gather sensitive data to rely on in the future. I would recommend that you do a google search and see what SEO agency you have in your local area. For example something like ‘Surrey SEO‘.

2. Boost Your Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most important rankings and usability signals, and therefore you should make it one of your top SEO priorities.

More and more people access search engines from their mobile devices. When you’re on the go, the page loading speed can make all the difference between landing on a web page and closing the browser. In order to cater to these users, Google launched Core Web Vitals, a set of parameters designed to help them rank web pages in a more user-friendly manner.

Briefly, Google wants to know how long does it take for the largest design element on a page to load and how many of these elements shift around while the page is loading. Also, Google monitors the time it takes for the various web page elements to react to clicks. In a nutshell, Google wants to know how fast users can start interacting with your page from the moment they click-through on a SERPs result. Also, it is very important how well the information they find on your page responds to their search query. Relevance is one of the things to seek in 2022, as it will become more and more important.

Ideally, you should carefully monitor your Core Web Vitals and perform necessary adjustments at least once every three months, in order to ensure your website is fast-loading. If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire a page speed optimization service to help you.

3. Refresh Your Older Content

SEO content is the absolute most. Everybody publishes such content. However, not refreshing it periodically is a costly mistake. In fact, older content can be very easy to bring back to life by updating it to reflect the current situation or the latest industry trends. Just try to revive a few of your older articles and watch their evolution in the SERPs. You might have a very nice surprise when you’ll see that organic traffic spike.

Refreshing existing content is one of the best ways to make the most out of your SEO efforts. Since you’ve already invested time and money into writing that content, why not help it live longer by updating it every few years?

4. Optimize For New Search Tools

Lost of people start using voice search, in order to avoid typing. Also, modern technologies such as Google Lens allow image search. If your business isn’t among these search results, you’ll lose to your smarter competitors. If you don’t know how to optimize your content for voice and for visual search, you’re welcome to read our in-depth guides on these topics.

5. Focus More On Search Intent

In 2022, the SERPs will belong to those who best satisfy the user intent. Relevance is king and we expect it to rule also in 2022. Search engine users want to find the information they were looking for when they landed on your page. Google also wants them to find what they need. This is why relevance matters so much.